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In the course of many years, I have been associated with several attorneys but none more qualified then Alabama Intellectual Property Attorneys.

Nick W.

This exceptional attorney law firm will help you with all of your intellectual property needs. Ask for George and let him know that Bonnie sent you. They are located in Birmingham.

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Alabama Intellectual Property Attorney

The Alabama intellectual property attorney are best in the field and offering many clients with broad and comprehensive services in the areas of domain name, copyright, trademark and trade secret law. When necessary of utilizes the services of attorneys in the Firm\'s Litigation Department and Business Department. The area of domain name law has recently become important. Government is finalizing legislation to restrict the ability of cyber squatters to obtain valid trademarks of other companies. The Intellectual Property attorney has advised its clients on the issue of cyber squatting in particular and the evolving law of domain name in general. ...


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